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HealthSmart® Travel Mate  Personal USB Humidifier

HealthSmart® Travel Mate Personal USB Humidifier


Have you ever wished you could take your home humidifier with you while traveling? Well, the Travel Mate personal humidifier is the perfect humidifier to take with you while traveling away from home! The Travel Mate is super small and will fit right in the palm of your hand, so you shouldn't have any trouble fitting it in a luggage bag! Powering the Travel Mate? is simple - just plug it into your computer's USB port. Also included with this humidifier are traditional power cords that will work with normal home outlets. This humidifier is ultrasonic, meaning it isn't noisy and won't keep you up at night. Due to its smaller size, this humidifier is meant only for smaller rooms - around the size of the typically hotel room.

  • Sleek and Stylish. This vibrant green and white humidifier will add sleek style to your décor.
  • Compact and Portable. This compact humidifier fits virtually anywhere and only takes up as much space as a computer mouse. Great for travel or use in the home, office, dorm, hotel or car.
  • Relief for dry skin, throat irritation, coughs and congestion. The Travel Mate humidifier will add moisture to the air, keeping your skin moisturized and helping you breathe easier. Don't let low levels of humidity slow you down.
  • Cool, quiet mist. Safe ultrasonic cool mist technology means you do not have to monitor who touches it. It's whisper quiet and will not disturb or distract you during your busy day or restful night. It also won't distract you while you work!
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