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Biofreeze® Gel 3 Oz. Roll-On

Biofreeze® Gel 3 Oz. Roll-On


For use in treatment rooms or home use. Biofreezereg; was created by Dr. Dann King, an internationally known botanical chemist. Biofreezereg; contains an herbal extract from a South American holly shrub. ILEX is used around the world in various health and wellness formulations. The result is a fast-acting, deep penetrating, long lasting pain reliever. Biofreezereg; can effectively help relieve pain from sore muscles, muscle sprains, back, shoulder, neck pain, arthritis, painful ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints, and muscular strains. Use Biofreezereg; to relieve pain prior to ultrasound treatments, massage therapy, soft tissue trigger point therapy, rehabilitation exercises and pre and post workout stretching.

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