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Expedition Circular Multi-Use Bed Net

Expedition Circular Multi-Use Bed Net


The Expedition Multi-Use mosquito net exceeds the standards of the World Health Organization's 156 mesh standard with a fine 196 square mesh that allows for very good air circulation. It also has a stronger denier with a full 50 versus the more common 40. The Expedition uses a folding PVC covered steel hoop that almost deploys itself as it's unpacked . . . it repacks just a easily into its own carry bag. Circular or bell style mosquito nets will expand or contract to fit any sleeping accommodation required. Place it over a favorite garden chair for an afternoon nap or the largest king size bed the circular mosquito net will easily accommodate them all. The suspended net offers a pleasing appearance with its beautiful sweeping canopy top and remains both decorative and functional. The single point suspension system and large 26" foldable PVC covered spring steel hoop folds down to just 9 inches for travel. Suitable for any mosquito net application - travel, decorative, summer home, porch even outside where it can be suspended from a tree or other hanging point.

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