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FrozenPeaz Sinus/Face/Eye Wrap

FrozenPeaz Sinus/Face/Eye Wrap


Migraine Headaches. Sinus Pain. Dental Treatments. Cosmetic Procedures. The elongated shape of the FrozenPeaz® cooling eye mask ensures a perfect fit around your eyes, sinuses, or jaw. The soft cotton-flannel is soothing against your skin. Natural pain relief that just feels good!

The Sinus, Eye, Face Mask is prefect for migraine relief. This cold/hot pack also provides a hot compress for sinus pain or cold compress for relief from tension headaches or puffy eyes. This PeazPod wrap is also the perfect size to relieve pain from dental work.

Delivers up to 20-40 minutes of soothing cool relief from acute pain, swelling and fever. Perfect size for icing post-surgery rehabilitation.

  • Contoured Relief: Great for Migraines, Sinus Headaches, Tired/Puffy Eyes, Post Facial Surgery Swelling, Pre-Botox Chilling, Post Dental Work Recovery.
  • Icy Cool: Long lasting cold therapy to relieve pain or inflammation. Flexible even at 0º F.
  • Deep Heat: Microwavable. Deep penetrating hot therapy to ease stress, tension headaches, or sinus pressure.
  • Safe / Easy: Natural products are especially important for face and eyes. FrozenPeaz® products are non-toxic. The Clear Ice™ Solution is 100% natural.
  • Revolutionary: FrozenPeaz® Therapy Packs don’t look like a typical gel pack… because FrozenPeaz® products are anything but typical.


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