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I.C.E. DOWN Migraine Cold Therapy Wrap with Ice Pack


I.C.E. DOWN is commonly utilized for the management of cervical thoracic and lumbar strain, knee and ankle sprains, and various contusions, disorders of the elbow (including lateral epicondylitis) and shoulder tendonitis. It is also very useful for icing in the postoperative state.

An added advantage of I.C.E. DOWN for back treatment is it acts as a lumbar support. The Flexible-Ice cold pack acts as a cushion providing extra lumbar support while sitting or lying down.

The I.C.E. DOWN neoprene wrap may be applied securely enough to an arm or leg to hold the Flexible-Ice cold pack in place while a patient performs prescribed rehabilitation exercises or cryokinetics.

1 wrap and three flexible-ice cold packs for targeting migraines.

  • 1 Neoprene Wrap: 27" X 3.5"
  • 2 FLEXIBLE-ICE Cold Packs: 5" X 3"
  • 1 FLEXIBLE-ICE Cold Pack: 11" X 3" (for migraine, cluster and tension headaches)
  • For your protection, items that are sealed are not returnable.
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