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Navigating Life with Parkinson Disease

Navigating Life with Parkinson Disease


Here is a marvelous guide for anyone affected by Parkinson's disease--patients, caregivers, family members, and friends. Containing the most up-to-date information on the disease, one of the most common neurological disorders, it discusses the available treatments and provides practical advice on how to manage the disease in the long term. Emphasizing life-style adjustments that will provide a better quality of life and moderate the burden for patients and their loved ones, the book answers many questions and clarifies misunderstandings regarding the disease. Written by two experts on Parkinson's disease and a freelance journalist, the book is approachable and easily understandable. Question and answer sections are provided, while "hot topics" are highlighted for easy visibility. The authors have also included true patient stories that will both inspire and instruct, and they have addressed several topics often not mentioned in physician-directed disease management, such as how to talk to family and friends about one's life with Parkinson's. Sotirios Parashos, MD, is Clinical Research Lead at Struthers Parkinson's Center, Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital,in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Rose Wichmann is manager and Lead Physical Therapist at Struthers Parkinson's Center. Todd Meldby is a freelance journalist whose work has been featured on National Public Radio.

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