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OPTP Silver AXIS™ Standard Foam Roller - Round 12"x6"


The OPTP AXIS™ Silver Foam Roller is the economical standard-density roller offering the same durability as the firmer AXIS™ Black. Replacing the AXIS White roller, add AXIS Silver Foam Rollers to rehab, workouts, Pilates and yoga to help roll away tension, stretch out sore muscles, perform self-myofascial release and promote recovery and healing.

For seasoned athletes, fitness instructors and health professionals, the AXIS Silver is preferred for long-lasting durability and value. An affordable price makes AXIS Silver rollers ideal for those beginning foam roller therapy or for general home use. The heat-molded foam technology creates a smooth surface roller that will not lose its shape after moderate-to-heavy use and outlasts other standard rollers.

Easily cleaned with soap and water or antibacterial wipes.

Economical, long-lasting 6” round AXIS Silver rollers provide an unstable surface for balance and proprioception challenges, and let users perform self-myofascial release to roll away soreness.
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