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Respironics Dc 12-Volt Power Cord (Connects CPAP to Cigarette Lighter Socket)

Respironics Dc 12-Volt Power Cord (Connects CPAP to Cigarette Lighter Socket)


Great for those who travel by vehicle often such as campers or long distance truck drivers.

The 12 Volt DC Power Cord (Connects CPAP to Cigarette Lighter Socket) is a 6 foot long cable that connects a DC-compatible CPAP machine to any 12 Volt battery source. One end attaches to the machine's 12 volt jack and the other plugs into a socket similar to a car's cigarette lighter outlet. The 12v jack that connects to the machine will fit several of our most popular CPAPs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This cord is NOT compatible with the PR 60 Series line of machines. Please refer to the Important Tips and Video & FAQ tabs of this page for steps to identify the differences between 50 and 60 Series machines.

This 12 Volt DC Power Cord is compatible with the following units:

  • All Respironics M Series Machines
  • All 50 Series PR System One Machines EXCEPT 60 Series Models
  • Respironics REMstar CPAP/APAP Machines (No REMstar BiPAP units)
  • Respironics Synchrony Machines
  • All Sandman Series Machines
  • GoodKnight 425/425 ST BiPAP Machines

This cord CANNOT be used with PR System One 60 Series machines.

The Synchrony BiPAP and BiPAP ST use this cord, but the fuse within the cord's connector must be changed to use the 7amp fuse supplied within the package.

If you wish to run directly off the battery terminals, you will need this cable and the 12 volt Battery Adapter Cable, which has battery clamps on one end.

This cable cannot be used with the Respironics REMStar BiPAP Auto, BiPAP Auto ST, BiPAP Pro 2 or the BiPAP Plus. You will need to purchase the RP-DC Power Adapter Kit.

This cable cannot be used with the Puritan Bennett GoodKnight 420 series of CPAP machines. You will need to purchase the GoodKnight 420 Series 12volt DC Power Cord.

Word of Caution to RESmed S8 and S8 II Machine Users

YOU MUST USE THE DC12 Converter for S8 Machines in conjunction with any battery source, when using an S8 or S8 II machine. Failure to do so can result in damage to your CPAP.

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