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Sitting Fit Anytime DVD

Sitting Fit Anytime DVD


Mobility issues? Recovering from injury or surgery?

Build strength and flexibility regardless of physical condition. For anyone with limited ambulatory ability, Sitting Fit Anytime™ offers excellent guidance to improve health and vitality with chair yoga, also known as seated yoga.

Sitting Fit Anytime introduces you to breathing, stretching, and strengthening poses that gently bring your body to new levels of fitness, increasing circulation and energizing the body to assist in healing. Even those confined to bed can benefit from the deep and controlled breathing instruction offered in this program. Deep breathing strengthens the respiratory system, cleanses and oxygenates the body, and brings a sense of deep relaxation.

With your physician's approval, you will benefit from Susan's adaptation of yogic breathing and gentle seated poses. Seated yoga can build your strength and flexibility, and can provide you with the opportunity to progress to more challenging poses.

For example, you can increase your upper body range of motion with arm raises to strengthen the upper body, boost circulation, and stretch the intercostal, shoulder, arm and hand muscles. Upper body twists hydrate the spinal discs, increase flexibility, and can help to cleanse the body's organs.

Sitting Fit Anytime offers eight different segments ranging in time for from one to seven minutes each, including a closing meditation to end your practice with a sense of increased well-being.

Introduction by Susan Winter Ward - 1:13 minutes
Session 1 - Breathing - 3:10 minutes
Session 2 - Head, Neck and Shoulders - 6:13 minutes
Session 3 - Hands and Wrists - 7:18 minutes
Session 4 - Arms and Upper Back - 6:25 minutes
Session 5 - Hips and Lower Back - 7:32 minutes
Session 6 - Hamstrings and Forward Bends - 5:09 minutes
Session 7 - Abdominals - 3:43 minutes
Session 8 - Feet - 1:54 minutes
Session 9 - Meditation - 2:26 minutes

Note: If you have any physical impairments or limitations, please be sure to check with your physician before using this or any of Susan's programs.

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