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The Gadabout Treated Mosquito Nets

The Gadabout Treated Mosquito Nets

They are treated with “Insect Shield” which is a proprietary blend and application process for the insect repellent permethrin.  EPA registration # 82108-1-74843. The manufacturer claims that: “Insect Shield® remains effective for 25 launderings.”  As a supplier of permethrin based repellents, we can vouch for these levels of performance from research conducted for the US MilitaryWe have seen the reports and have had remarkable results of our own.  Keep in mind that permethrin deteriorates over time by exposure to UV light, abrasion (washing), and can be completely removed by dry-cleaning due to the dry-cleaning solvents.  We recommend that you store your net when not in use in its carry bag and out of direct sunlight, a black plastic can be a good substitute. Treated mosquito nets increase mosquito bite protection over non-treated mosquito nets by about 18%.  The use of treated mosquito nets will reduce mosquito populations within the domicile, it also repels ticks, fleas and flies.
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